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White Star Now Available in Print

White Star RPG is now available in print, in softcover and hardcover.  Softcover is $14.99, and hardcover is $19.99.  If you’ve purchased the PDF, you should receive an e-mail from Barrel Rider Games for a discount on the print version. … Continue reading

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Planetary Transmission Issue #1

I recently picked up a PDF version of a new White Star ‘zine called Planetary Transmission (PDF available here), by Leviathan Publishing.  Included are a couple of new classes (the Star Seer and Star Pilot), a new alien threat (The … Continue reading

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POI: Research Station Copernicus

Reports from the remote fringes of the Apocalypse Rim indicate the sudden appearance of a long-lost scientific research space station – the ISS Copernicus.  The Copernicus orbited a star thousands of light years distant from the Apocalypse Rim, along the receding borders … Continue reading

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Outer Space Raiders Volume 2: Aliens, Creatures & Foes

Magic Pig Media has released a second Outer Space Raiders supplement for the White Star RPG, this one detailing 20 alien threats.  Most of these monsters are self-described as “tongue-in-cheek,” though I like to think of them more as pulpy/campy/gonzo science … Continue reading

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Telescoping Staff

Telescoping staves are made of an advanced light-weight alloy, normally about the size of a flashlight, and easily stowed in a belt holster.  However, with the press of a button they extend to one of three lengths: a one-handed baton sized … Continue reading

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Wanted: Sintrec Viis (4th-level Alien Mystic)

Bounty: 2,500 Cr dead or alive No known aliases No known associates Location unknown Sintrec Viis is wanted for murder, rape, arson, sapient trafficking, theft, fraud, larceny, defamation, vagrancy and attempted genocide.  He is considered insane and dangerous. Sintrec Viis … Continue reading

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Outer Space Raiders Volume 1: Classes

Outer Space Raiders vol. 1 is a third party product by Magic Pig Media featuring six new classes for the White Star RPG.  There’s also a random chart in the back for generating the appearance of humanoid aliens (alternatively, you … Continue reading

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