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White Star Now Available in Print

White Star RPG is now available in print, in softcover and hardcover.  Softcover is $14.99, and hardcover is $19.99.  If you’ve purchased the PDF, you should receive an e-mail from Barrel Rider Games for a discount on the print version. … Continue reading

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Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher (RPGL)

RPGs are relatively low-tech means to propel an explosive warhead a short distance.  These simple, mass produced weapons can be found on thousands of worlds, in the hands of militias, pirates and criminal gangs.  Though primitive, they are still highly … Continue reading

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POI: Brazsauria

Deep within the Sargasso Void, along the Apocalypse Rim, lies a primordial world of dinosaurs, mega fauna, and a thousand millennia of alien shipwrecks and castaways.  Officially, this world has no name, but the locals call it Brazsauria. Brazsauria consists of a … Continue reading

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Telescoping Staff

Telescoping staves are made of an advanced light-weight alloy, normally about the size of a flashlight, and easily stowed in a belt holster.  However, with the press of a button they extend to one of three lengths: a one-handed baton sized … Continue reading

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Firearms: Rapid Fire

This is a simple house rule to give firearms a bit more differentiation.  These rules assume that “firearms” in White Star represent modern or futuristic ballistic weapons. Firearms may be fired in one of two modes:  single fire or rapid … Continue reading

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Modification: Cryopods

Cryopods are an efficient means to increase a ship’s transport capability without taxing life support systems or requiring additional supplies.  Many military vessels employ cryopods to carry replacement crews, in case of excessive casualties.  Long haul transport ships often employ cryopods to … Continue reading

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