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In the remote corners of the Apocalypse Rim is a vast world of alien tombs, called Tartarus by humans.  This planet is the final resting place of long forgotten alien races, from long forgotten ages of space flight. Virtually the entire surface of the planet … Continue reading

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Outer Space Raiders Volume 1: Classes

Outer Space Raiders vol. 1 is a third party product by Magic Pig Media featuring six new classes for the White Star RPG.  There’s also a random chart in the back for generating the appearance of humanoid aliens (alternatively, you … Continue reading

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A small issue with the Pilot class

So, I’ve got a small issue with White Star’s Pilot class.  Looking at the special abilities for that class, it suddenly dawned on me that they were all ship related abilities.  Yes, I realize it’s the Pilot class, so that shouldn’t come … Continue reading

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Battlewagon is a term of affection for early variants of dreadnoughts, from before the days of ship shielding and FTL capable stunt fighters.  Though obsolete by modern standards, these venerable ships are sturdy and still serve in system defense fleets, … Continue reading

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What is White Star?

White Star: White Box Science Fiction Role Playing is an OSR role-playing game my James Spahn based upon the popular Swords & Wizardry Whitebox rules.  And it is awesome. I’ve got another gaming blog (the eponymously named EdOWar’s Blog), but White … Continue reading

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