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White Star Now Available in Print

White Star RPG is now available in print, in softcover and hardcover.  Softcover is $14.99, and hardcover is $19.99.  If you’ve purchased the PDF, you should receive an e-mail from Barrel Rider Games for a discount on the print version. … Continue reading

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Planetary Transmission Issue #1

I recently picked up a PDF version of a new White Star ‘zine called Planetary Transmission (PDF available here), by Leviathan Publishing.  Included are a couple of new classes (the Star Seer and Star Pilot), a new alien threat (The … Continue reading

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POI: Research Station Copernicus

Reports from the remote fringes of the Apocalypse Rim indicate the sudden appearance of a long-lost scientific research space station – the ISS Copernicus.  The Copernicus orbited a star thousands of light years distant from the Apocalypse Rim, along the receding borders … Continue reading

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Outer Space Raiders Volume 2: Aliens, Creatures & Foes

Magic Pig Media has released a second Outer Space Raiders supplement for the White Star RPG, this one detailing 20 alien threats.  Most of these monsters are self-described as “tongue-in-cheek,” though I like to think of them more as pulpy/campy/gonzo science … Continue reading

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Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher (RPGL)

RPGs are relatively low-tech means to propel an explosive warhead a short distance.  These simple, mass produced weapons can be found on thousands of worlds, in the hands of militias, pirates and criminal gangs.  Though primitive, they are still highly … Continue reading

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Wanted: The Space Tyrant

Wanted: The Space Tyrant Bounty: 50,000 credits (alive) Aliases: None known Associates:  The vast, unending hordes of his space empire Location: Near the Bandor system The Space Tyrant is wanted by the Alliance of Free Worlds for unprovoked aggression, war crimes … Continue reading

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POI: Brazsauria

Deep within the Sargasso Void, along the Apocalypse Rim, lies a primordial world of dinosaurs, mega fauna, and a thousand millennia of alien shipwrecks and castaways.  Officially, this world has no name, but the locals call it Brazsauria. Brazsauria consists of a … Continue reading

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