Telescoping Staff

forcelanceTelescoping staves are made of an advanced light-weight alloy, normally about the size of a flashlight, and easily stowed in a belt holster.  However, with the press of a button they extend to one of three lengths: a one-handed baton sized weapon, a two-handed staff or a 10 foot utility pole.  The 10′ pole variant is too unwieldy to use as a weapon, but both the baton and the staff inflict 1d6+1 damage.

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Firearms: Rapid Fire

This is a simple house rule to give firearms a bit more differentiation.  These rules assume that “firearms” in White Star represent modern or futuristic ballistic weapons.

spacegun9Firearms may be fired in one of two modes:  single fire or rapid fire.  A single fire attack makes a standard d20 attack roll against a single target.  A rapid fire attack is more of a “spray-n-pray” approach:  if you fire enough bullets something should stick.

For each round fired in rapid fire, roll a d10: if the result is a 1, that round hit the intended target, regardless of the target’s actual AC.  Firearms can fire a maximum of 30 rounds in a rapid fire attack, and these may be spread between adjacent targets as desired; roll separately for each target.

As a further optional rule, you may want to rule that Mercenaries lose the Combat Machine class ability, and instead gain the Mow ‘Em Down class ability, which allows Mercenaries to roll d6’s for rapid fire, instead of d10’s.  This would make Mercenaries more ranged combat oriented, while typical Fighters would be more melee oriented.

However, there are important implications for adopting such rules.  For one, you probably don’t want to use rapid fire attacks against a low-level party; they’d be wiped out pretty quick.  The flip side of that, of course, is that with firearms, even low-level enemies can be deadly threats to high-level PCs.

Also, depending on the availability of ammunition, firearms could quickly out-class laser weapons, so that is another consideration.  And remember that ammo is bulky; the party should only be able to carry so many bullets!

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Wanted: Marguile St. Claire (9th-level Cybernetic Mercenary)

  • 20,000 credits, dead or alive (NO DISINTEGRATIONS!)
  • Known aliases: The Colonel
  • Known Associates:  Marguile’s Marauders mercenary company
  • Current location unknown

“The Colonel” is wanted by the Space Tyrant for insubordination and mutiny.  St. Claire, under contract to the Tyrant, refused an order to murder non-combatants at a research colony on a remote world.

Colonel Marguile St. Claire (9th-level Cybernetic Mercenary)

STR 8, INT 12, WIS 7, CON 14, DEX 13, CHA 11

HD: 9, HP: 28, AC: 0 [19], ST: 6, BHB: +6

  • Combat Machine
  • +2 ST vs. death and poisons
  • Heavy Armor +1
  • Laser Rifle +2 (+9 to-hit, 2d6+2 damage)
  • Mono-sword +1 (+7 to-hit, 1d6+3 damage)
  • 2 Concussion grenades (3d6+2, 5 foot radius)
  • Medkit


  • Cybernetic eyes (see in total darkness up to 60 feet, +1 to-hit with ranged attacks)
  • Cybernetic arms (hold up to 500 lbs.)
  • Cybernetic legs (+3 movement)
  • Sub-skin armor (-2 [+2] to AC)
  • Translator chip

Marguile’s Marauders: Treat as soldiers from the White Star rule book.

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Modification: Cryopods

Cryopods are an efficient means to increase a ship’s transport capability without taxing life support systems or requiring additional supplies.  Many military vessels employ cryopods to carry replacement crews, in case of excessive casualties.  Long haul transport ships often employ cryopods to cheaply carry colonists to distant outposts.


Each crypod can hold a single human-sized being in suspended animation for as long as the pod is powered.  When power is cut to the pod, it executes an emergency reanimation sequence; if for some reason this sequence cannot be completed, the passenger will die inside the pod.

Occasionally, a passenger will not fully recover from cryo stasis, suffering a form of brain death, sometimes referred to as “brain freeze.”  Each time someone is reanimated from cryo stasis roll 2d6: if the result is a 2 exactly (double 1’s), the subject suffers “brain freeze.”  Advanced medical technologies, such as a Class A medical pod or certain advanced alien technologies, can reverse the effects of brain freeze, provided they are applied promptly.  Otherwise, the subject must be placed on life support to survive.

A ship may carry a number of pods equal to the minimum crew rating of the ship.  The base cost for each cryopod is 10 credits.

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The Devil’s Pit

d5d95a4af011d5ab71798c2507711abd-d5gdqo8Pincara I, an airless void of a pimple on the ass end of the Apocalypse Rim, orbits a waning star.  It is home to a private prison, officially known as the Pincara Penitentiary, but more infamously known as the Devil’s Pit.

As a private prison, anyone can have anyone else imprisoned there, so long as they pay the Warden’s price.  Important prisoners may find themselves in luxuriously appointed cells, indulged in every convenience.  Less fortunate “guests” may find themselves subsidizing their sentences with heavy mining labor, deep in the bowels of Pincara I.

It’s rumored that the Warden doesn’t just keep prisoners.  Somewhere below the surface of Pincara I, perhaps in the played out mine shafts, are hundreds of vaults crammed full with all manner of valuables: long lost works of art, illegal alien artifacts, the treasuries of more than one space pirate or planetary warlord, and who knows what else.  If these vaults exist, they’re surely well guarded by the Warden’s enforcers and devious traps.

The Warden is known to hire bounty hunters to track down those who have wronged him, or taken from him.  It’s not unheard of, however, for the Warden to cut a deal; sometimes prisoners “make bail,” if the price is right.  Just don’t go around bragging about it.

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Hand Nuke


Hand Nuke Hand Nukes are particularly dangerous explosive devices of unknown alien construction.  They are nearly twice as heavy as standard grenades, and thus cannot be thrown as far.  These grenades are considered highly illegal on most planets.

Hand Nukes have a range of 20 feet and a blast radius of 50 feet.  They inflict 10d6 damage, though targets are allowed a saving throw for half damage.

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Doom of the Dreadstar

Doom of the Dreadstar is a short White Star adventure for level 3-ish characters.  The PCs receive a mysterious distress signal from a doomed pirate ship.  They’ll only have a few hours to board, explore and loot the ship before it is inexorably pulled into the maw of a black hole.

Doom of the Dreadstar was designed to be somewhat generic in nature.  Please feel free to change any of the elements of the adventure to fit your game.

The map was made using GridMapper.  It’s crude, to be sure, but serviceable I think.


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