Outer Space Raiders Volume 2: Aliens, Creatures & Foes

outerspaceraidersvol2Magic Pig Media has released a second Outer Space Raiders supplement for the White Star RPG, this one detailing 20 alien threats.  Most of these monsters are self-described as “tongue-in-cheek,” though I like to think of them more as pulpy/campy/gonzo science fiction monsters, like something out of a cheesy 1960’s sci-fi movie.

A sampling of monsters include: Radioactive Lust Vampires (complete with shag-carpeted starships); Space Sharks (though I can totally picture a party domesticating Space Sharks and riding them around the galaxy); Quantum Ooze (people trapped in the ooze are forgotten by everyone else, at least until they manage to escape, which could create some fun gameplay situations); and Teuthids, which appear to be an outer space version of Mind Flayers.

Volume 2 also includes ship-sized space monsters, such as the Star Kraken, a few new NPC starships used by the monsters listed within, and some pretty cool tables to generate random Bug Eyed Monsters.

Generally, I think Volume 2 isn’t quite as useful as the new classes found in Volume 1.  If you’re running a more serious “Star Warsy” or “Star Treky” campaign, you probably wouldn’t find much of use here.  But if you’re running an epic, all-in gonzo science fiction game, there’s a lot to love in Outer Space Raiders, Volume 2.

My review of Outer Space Raiders: Volume 1.

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  1. Chuck Thorin says:

    Thanks for the review!


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