Wanted: The Space Tyrant

Artwork by Clinton Felker

Artwork by Clinton Felker

Wanted: The Space Tyrant

  • Bounty: 50,000 credits (alive)
  • Aliases: None known
  • Associates:  The vast, unending hordes of his space empire
  • Location: Near the Bandor system

The Space Tyrant is wanted by the Alliance of Free Worlds for unprovoked aggression, war crimes and genocide.  The Tyrant must be returned to Bandor Prime alive, so that he may stand trial for his crimes against the galaxy.

The Space Tyrant (10 HD Void Knight)

  • AC: 0 [19]
  • HD: 10
  • HP: 60
  • Attacks: Star Sword +3 (+9 to-hit, 1d6+9 damage); Corrupted Energy (6d6 damage) 4x/day, Force of Will 1x/day (Save or die!), Meditations (see below)
  • Saving Throw: 9
  • Movement: 12
  • HDE/XP: 13/2,900

The Space Tyrant is equipped with Powered Armor (heavy armor, +4 melee damage, -3 movement), Personal Shield (absorbs 50 points of damage from laser weapons), Star Sword +3 (w/ Gem for additional +1 to-hit), sub-skin armor (-2[+2] AC), cybernetic legs (+3 movement), cybernetic eyes (see in darkness 60 feet), and cybernetic lungs (6 hours of oxygen, filter out poison gas).

Prepared Meditations:

  • Charm Person (1st level)
  • Healing Meditation (1st level)
  • Protective Meditation (1st level)
  • Combat Coordination (2nd level)
  • Detect Invisible (2nd level)
  • Find Traps (2nd level)
  • Alter Reflexes (3rd level)
  • Defensive Coordination (3rd level)
  • Protection from Missiles (3rd level)
  • Confusion (4th level)
  • Expand Senses (4th level)
  • Neutralize Poison (4th level)
  • Charm Creature (5th level)
  • Protection from Missiles II (5th level)
  • Telekinesis (5th level)

Note: The Space Tyrant is always attended by dozens, if not hundreds, of servants, bodyguards and flunkies.  The 105th Space Legion (aka “The Tyrant’s Fists”) are always at hand.

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