POI: Brazsauria

Dinosaurs vs. Aliens

Dinosaurs vs. Aliens

Deep within the Sargasso Void, along the Apocalypse Rim, lies a primordial world of dinosaurs, mega fauna, and a thousand millennia of alien shipwrecks and castaways.  Officially, this world has no name, but the locals call it Brazsauria.

Star Knights battling atop a Neo T-Rex

Star Knights battling atop a Neo T-Rex

Brazsauria consists of a single, massive continent surrounded by a globe-encompassing ocean, and a smattering of small, isolated islands.  Mega-beasts rule the continent of Brazsauria, though the descendants of those who have crashed here over the many centuries have established some semblance of civilization.


Raiding party marching out of The Graveyard Wastes.

Some inhabitants live in the derelict wrecks of ancient starships, relying on their alloy hulls to protect them from the ravaging beasts outside.  Others moved into ancient stone cities, built vast ages ago by a long extinct race.  But all have learned to harness both beast and technology to survive.  Scavenging and raiding are an aspect of daily life on Brazsauria.

A battle rages over salvage rights for a particularly rich space wreck.

A battle rages over salvage rights for a particularly rich space wreck.

The continent of Brazsauria consists of a number of hostile regions: the Lava Sea, the Graveyard Wastes, the Hellspire Peaks and, simply, the Jungle, are just a few regions, and amongst the most dangerous of them.  But these regions are also filled with precious minerals and, more importantly for survival, ancient space wrecks.  Wrecks brimming with salvageable, lifesaving technology.

The Sargasso Void stretches the supplies of any starship to their limit; many ships exhaust their fuel and simply become stranded in the void.  And even should a ship make it to Brazsauria, all to often they lack sufficient fuel for the return trip.  Every so often, some crazy spacer braves the Sargasso Void; very few have made it back to civilized space.

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