Wanted: Marguile St. Claire (9th-level Cybernetic Mercenary)



  • 20,000 credits, dead or alive (NO DISINTEGRATIONS!)
  • Known aliases: The Colonel
  • Known Associates:  Marguile’s Marauders mercenary company
  • Current location unknown

“The Colonel” is wanted by the Space Tyrant for insubordination and mutiny.  St. Claire, under contract to the Tyrant, refused an order to murder non-combatants at a research colony on a remote world.

Colonel Marguile St. Claire (9th-level Cybernetic Mercenary)

STR 8, INT 12, WIS 7, CON 14, DEX 13, CHA 11

HD: 9, HP: 28, AC: 0 [19], ST: 6, BHB: +6

  • Combat Machine
  • +2 ST vs. death and poisons
  • Heavy Armor +1
  • Laser Rifle +2 (+9 to-hit, 2d6+2 damage)
  • Mono-sword +1 (+7 to-hit, 1d6+3 damage)
  • 2 Concussion grenades (3d6+2, 5 foot radius)
  • Medkit


  • Cybernetic eyes (see in total darkness up to 60 feet, +1 to-hit with ranged attacks)
  • Cybernetic arms (hold up to 500 lbs.)
  • Cybernetic legs (+3 movement)
  • Sub-skin armor (-2 [+2] to AC)
  • Translator chip

Marguile’s Marauders: Treat as soldiers from the White Star rule book.

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