Modification: Cryopods

Cryopods are an efficient means to increase a ship’s transport capability without taxing life support systems or requiring additional supplies.  Many military vessels employ cryopods to carry replacement crews, in case of excessive casualties.  Long haul transport ships often employ cryopods to cheaply carry colonists to distant outposts.


Each crypod can hold a single human-sized being in suspended animation for as long as the pod is powered.  When power is cut to the pod, it executes an emergency reanimation sequence; if for some reason this sequence cannot be completed, the passenger will die inside the pod.

Occasionally, a passenger will not fully recover from cryo stasis, suffering a form of brain death, sometimes referred to as “brain freeze.”  Each time someone is reanimated from cryo stasis roll 2d6: if the result is a 2 exactly (double 1’s), the subject suffers “brain freeze.”  Advanced medical technologies, such as a Class A medical pod or certain advanced alien technologies, can reverse the effects of brain freeze, provided they are applied promptly.  Otherwise, the subject must be placed on life support to survive.

A ship may carry a number of pods equal to the minimum crew rating of the ship.  The base cost for each cryopod is 10 credits.

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