Wanted: KM3-KZ3 (2nd-level Combat Robot)



  • Bounty 2,000 credits (for the robot’s cyber-core)
  • No known aliases
  • No known associates
  • Current location unknown

The robot designated KM3-Kz3 is wanted for murder and attempted murder.  The robot’s SOP is to pose as a protocol or mechanical robot, get close to the intended target and self-detonate.  It incorporates a unique short-range teleportation technology into its cyber-core, allowing it to “beam” its core into a nearby waiting robot chassis just before detonation.

KM3-Kz3 (2nd-level Combat Robot)

STR 11, INT 11, WIS 10, CON 12, DEX 10, CHA 8

HP 13, AC 4 [15], ST 11, MV 12, +3 to-hit

  • Mechanical understanding
  • Sensors (detect living beings within 60 feet)
  • Concealed internal laser rifle (+3 to-hit, 2d6 damage)
  • Cyber-core teleportation device, allowing it to teleport its cyber-core into a waiting robot chassis, with a range of 1-mile
  • Detonator (activated just before teleportation) inflicts 3d6+2 damage to everyone in a 10 foot radius (save for 1/2 damage)
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