tombworldIn the remote corners of the Apocalypse Rim is a vast world of alien tombs, called Tartarus by humans.  This planet is the final resting place of long forgotten alien races, from long forgotten ages of space flight.

Virtually the entire surface of the planet is a labyrinth of inhuman mausoleums, vaults and crypts, all layered haphazardly one atop another, such that it is nearly impossible to tell where the planet’s true surface lies.

The most recent of these structures is nearly ten thousand years old.  Excavating downwards reveals yet older, and stranger, tombs spanning across hundreds of millennia.  By all accounts, the deeper one digs, the more valuable the treasures to be found.

Greedy adventurers flock to Tartarus, eager to crack open the ancient vaults and loot the alien relics contained within.  But such treasure hunting is not without its dangers.  Unwary adventurers often awake slumbering guardians, or unwittingly spring diabolical traps.  And there are other hazards to consider as well:  toxic substances, pockets of radiation and poisonous gasses, as well as tomb scavenging creatures.

Ancient legend says Tartarus was originally a prison planet, created to contain a single entity of unimaginable power.  The first dead were interned on Tartarus so that their spirits would stand guard over this entity for all time.  Some say that looting the tombs and disturbing the dead undermines their vigil.  If such a powerful creature truly exists, it must be buried deep beneath the surface of the planet, far below the alien necropolis.  Though more likely this is just an ancient rumor to frighten would be grave robbers, and no more.


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