Wanted: Sintrec Viis (4th-level Alien Mystic)



  • Bounty: 2,500 Cr dead or alive
  • No known aliases
  • No known associates
  • Location unknown

Sintrec Viis is wanted for murder, rape, arson, sapient trafficking, theft, fraud, larceny, defamation, vagrancy and attempted genocide.  He is considered insane and dangerous.

Sintrec Viis (4th-level Alien Mystic, Chaotic)

Str 10, Int 14, Wis 12, Con 7, Dex 17 (+1), Chr 10

AC: 5 [14], HD: 3, HP: 17, BHB: +1, ST: 11

  • Detect secret doors on 1-4 (d6)
  • +2 ST vs. Gifts and Meditations


  • Light Armor +1
  • Staff (+1 to-hit, 1d6 damage)
  • Short Bow (+2 to-hit, 1d6 damage, ST vs. poison or take additional 1d6 damage)
  • Vial of poison (1d6 damage on failed ST)
  • Alien Crystal Skull (the skull talks to Sintrec, warning him of danger, but also driving him insane; Sintrec is never surprised and has +1 on initiative rolls)


  • Hold Portal (1st level)
  • Stupor (1st level)
  • Invisibility (2nd level)

Note: Ability scores are rolled 3d6 in order; max hit points at level 1.

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