Outer Space Raiders Volume 1: Classes

outerspaceraidersOuter Space Raiders vol. 1 is a third party product by Magic Pig Media featuring six new classes for the White Star RPG.  There’s also a random chart in the back for generating the appearance of humanoid aliens (alternatively, you could use the chart to generate cosmetic mutations for a post-apocalypse setting).

The six classes are Alien, Astromancer, Engineer, Lost Worlder, Scoundrel and Warp Ninja.

The alien presents a more generic alien archetype where the player can choose one alien ability to define the species.  Engineers are sort of gadgeteers, jury-rigging gizmos on the fly.  Astromancers are a type of “technomancer” relying on quantum formulae to create spell-like effects.  Lost Worlders are space barbarians, adept at xeno-survival and smashing things to make them work.  Scoundrels are your basic Han Solo types, and Warp Ninjas are sort of assassin-monks who use the power of black holes to warp around.

First off, I think all these classes are fairly well done, and they’re all useable (in that none of them seem broken or unplayable).  However, the classes are clearly derived from different sci-fi niches.  Aliens, engineers and scoundrels would probably be right at home in a typical Star Warsy campaign, whereas the Astromancer and Warp Ninja would probably fit better in a pulpy super science game.  But if you’re not trying to evoke a feel for any particular science fiction setting, you could just throw all of them into your game and have a gonzo great time.

So, if you’re fan of White Star, I think the $1.50 price tag for Out Space Raiders is well worth it.

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