A small issue with the Pilot class

So, I’ve got a small issue with White Star’s Pilot class.  Looking at the special abilities for that class, it suddenly dawned on me that they were all ship related abilities.  Yes, I realize it’s the Pilot class, so that shouldn’t come as any surprise.

But look at every other class and you see that they’re all geared towards the ground game, whereas the Pilot is geared almost exclusively towards the space game.  Which strikes me as a little off, considering White Star is based on Swords & Wizardry Whitebox, essentially a dungeon-crawl RPG, and even ports over the bulk of Whitebox’s dungeon exploration rules.

I’m just thinking, if I play a Pilot, I’m probably going to want to spend the bulk of my time in space, where my class really shines.  And I might get a little frustrated in the ground game, where the Pilot doesn’t have much to contribute, other than some pew pew with a laser pistol.  The Pilot just seems like a bit of an odd duck out, compared to the other classes.

What to do about it?  Well, you could tweak the Pilot class a bit, treating them more like a Han Solo-ish scoundrel (who shot first, and all that).  But, frankly, there’s already a couple of decent scoundrel type classes available for White Star.

I think instead that I would simply ditch the Pilot class and take a page out of Star Wars, and to a lesser extend Star Trek, where everyone who matters to the story already knows how to fly a spaceship.  Okay, technically, there’s nothing in the rules that says only Pilots can fly ships; they simply do it better than everyone else.  But I trust you get my point.

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