What is White Star?

148169-thumb140White Star: White Box Science Fiction Role Playing is an OSR role-playing game my James Spahn based upon the popular Swords & Wizardry Whitebox rules.  And it is awesome.

I’ve got another gaming blog (the eponymously named EdOWar’s Blog), but White Star has inspired me to start a second blog dedicated entirely to that game.

And so, here it is.

In the near term I will re-post some of my White Star material here, just to get this blog off the ground.  Some potential categories for the future:

  • House rules (naturally)
  • Galaxy’s Most Wanted (NPCs to bedevil your PCs)
  • Planets of Interest (interesting places to adventure and die)
  • Advanced Technologies (forgotten alien technology your PCs probably shouldn’t be messing with)
  • Aliens (alien species for your PCs to meet and kill)
  • Ship’s Locker (new toys with which to kill the aforementioned aliens)
  • Rumors (adventure seeds)
  • and more….

So please stay tuned.

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